glow | quick detailer

glow | quick detailer

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Even after a good wash, sometimes your vehicle lacks that gleam that would really turn heads. Some elbow grease might do the trick, but why spend time doing that, when you could use a quality finishing spray to get the job done quickly?

This finishing spray is easy to use, and perfect for any part of your car that needs some extra attention. Just spray the product directly on the tires or body, and wipe it off with a clean cloth!

The spray will work to get rid of pesky fingerprints and unwanted marks that were left behind after cleaning. You’ll have a vivid car in no time, without having to wait.

Haven’t washed your car in a while? No problem! You can use this product when your car is dry, or immediately after washing. Get rid of spots and stains easily and bring your vehicle back to its brand-new condition.

Glow can be used in all types of weather conditions and leaves a streak-free finish.