blue shine™

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Blue Shine™ was created by an automotive enthusiast – for automotive enthusiasts. We know that you take pride in your car. You wash it, detail it with clay bar, and wax it regularly just to keep its sheen and gloss in great shape – and you expect your products to provide you with a gorgeous, long-lasting finish. And that includes your tire shine.

But most tire shine products fall short. Their water-based composition only provides you with bright, shiny tires for a few days – at best. In addition, water-based tire shine runs off quickly, and doesn’t protect your tires from dry-rot or other common problems.

That’s not the case with Blue Shine™. Blue Shine™ has a unique, fast-drying, oil-based composition. It works on all rubber tires, and it provides a long-lasting coat of protection which keeps your tires shiny, and prevents dry-rot.

🔖 Product Highlights

  • Unique oil-based composition won’t “sling” off tires
  • Dries quickly and restores, protects, and shines tires
  • No harmful chemical odors – smells like bubblegum!
  • Works on all rubber tires
  • Long-lasting protection and shine
  • Made in America 🇺🇸
  • Available in 16 oz, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes

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